Oaxaca Flavors Saber del Sabor is the reinvention of a festival that seeks to give Oaxaca a place in the heart of Mexican foodies and foreigners, with a culinary experience that brings together the best of this state with the talent of renowned chefs.

  • Septiembre 2020
  • Oaxaca, Mexico



Located in southwestern Mexico, with a capital city that’s been named a UNESCO World Heritage site, Oaxaca is a land rich in colors, flavors and aromas.

Its exquisite culinary tradition is nuanced and diverse, from egg bread with chocolate to black mole, tlayudas, chapulines and mezcal. The streets of Oaxaca are full of vibrantly colored crafts like alebrijes and embroidered textiles from each region.

Visiting Oaxaca is a complete experience that stays with you, on the palate, on the skin and in the heart.

Oaxaca Flavors El Saber del Sabor


This Festival brings together talented chefs, both Oaxacan and from other regions of the country, to offer meals and dinners with four hands that will delight your palate.

In addition to offering a complete culinary experience, we want you to live Oaxaca from the art in its streets, its traditions and its heart.

Oaxaca Oaxaca is the best culinary gift for the world, and we want everyone to know it now. For this reason, we will take the Oaxacan Gastronomy to the Top of Mind worldwide.

This year 52 simultaneous events await you, more than 3,900 attendees, 70 chefs and local chefs and more than 20 artists who will make you live a complete experience.

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