Oaxaca Cultural and Convention Center

This is the ideal place to host conventions, cultural events, sports and concerts. Featuring two exhibition halls that can hold 2,000 and 500 people, respectively, the center also boasts an outdoor theater with room for 3,000, a stone concert shell, a soccer field, bathrooms, showers, a kitchen, dining areas and dressing rooms. Address: Av. México 175, Santa Lucía del Camino, Oaxaca.
Dirección: Av. México 175, Santa Lucía del Camino, Oaxaca.

Casa Oaxaca

This iconic restaurant in the heart of the city stands out for its architecture and the traditional Oaxacan cuisine of Chef Alejandro Ruiz. Casa Oaxaca blends the aromas and flavors of Mediterranean herbs with Oaxacan ingredients, creating an authentic and extraordinary gastronomic experience that engages all the senses. Address: Constitución 104-A, Centro.
En Casa Oaxaca se mezclan los aromas y sabores de hierbas mediterráneas con las oaxaqueñas logrando así que los cinco sentidos se vean envueltos por una auténtica y extraordinaria vivencia gastronómica.
Dirección: Constitución 104-A, Centro, Oaxaca.


One of the most important restaurants in the Oaxacan capital, Pitiona is led by chef José Manuel Baños, who uses food to convey his love and devotion for his native land. His dishes offer a culinary tour of the whole state, from the Mixteca to the Central Valleys to the coast, where he grew up. The name, Pitiona, derives from a coastal herb used in the preparation of iguana mole and seafood soup. Address: Ignacio Allende 114, Centro.
Dirección: Calle de Ignacio Allende 114, Centro, Oaxaca.

Las Quince Letras

This restaurant from chef Celia Florián stands out by incorporating regional ingredients in its traditional Oaxacan dishes. She inherited both her recipes and the restaurant’s name from from her grandmother, Antonia. "The fifteen letters" have been part of a family tradition for three generations. Address: Mariano Abasolo 300, Centro.

Dirección: Calle de Mariano Abasolo 300, Centro, Oaxaca.


One of Oaxaca’s top destination restaurants, Teca is helmed by the passionate traditional cook Deyanira Aquino. For more than 20 years, Teca has paid homage to the cuisine of the Isthmus of Oaxaca. At Deya's house, you will always find the best Istmeño stew, traditional molotes, corn tamales and tamalitos de cambray. Address: Violetas 200, Reforma.
Dirección: Violetas 200, Reforma, Oaxaca.


The food at Origen is fresh, varied and delicious, built from the bounty found in the markets, ranches, farms and seas of Oaxaca—ingredients that vary by region and season. Chef Rodolfo Castellanos grew up with the flavors of the Central Valleys, but he’s also inspired by regions including the Mixteca, the coast, the Isthmus, La Cañada, Papaloapan, the Sierra Sur and Sierra Norte. He considers Oaxaca a universe unto itself, waiting to be explored and brought to the table. Address: Miguel Hidalgo 820, Centro.
Dirección: Miguel Hidalgo 820, Centro, Oaxaca.


Criollo is a space that invites guests to share in the experience of Oaxacan cuisine. The daily-changing menus are based on local and seasonal ingredients sourced from around the state. Chef Luis Arellano’s culinary spirit is deeply entwined with his roots, resulting in creative, evolutionary cooking. Address: Francisco I. Madero 129, Centro.
Dirección: Francisco I. Madero 129, Centro, Oaxaca.

La Olla

La Olla was born 24 years ago as a family business, but over time it’s become an obligatory destination for locals and tourists alike. Chef Pilar Cabrera prepares Mexican food with a focus on local Oaxacan ingredients. The restaurant changes its menu three to four times a year, depending on the season, to showcase the bounty and diversity of Oaxaca. Paying proud homage to Oaxacan cuisine, traditions and art, La Olla is definitely worth a visit. Address: Reforma 402, Centro.
Dirección: Reforma 402, Centro, Oaxaca.


This restaurant is an extraordinary encounter with the deepest flavors of land and sea. Chef Alejandro Ruiz combines the flavors and ingredients of two great Mexican regional cuisines, Baja Californian and Oaxacan. Dishes can be paired with an exquisite selection of Mexican wines from Baja California and a variety of mezcals from Oaxaca. Address: Avenida Universidad 200, Ex Hacienda Candiani.
Dirección: Avenida Universidad 200, Universidad, Oaxaca.


Zandunga comenzó en la barra de la cocina, en la sala, el comedor o el patio, donde la gente llegaba a disfrutar los fines de semana de nuestras garnachas y cervezas de cuartito.

En el 2002 se abre formalmente Zandunga en la calle de Quetzalcóatl; y un tiempo después nos cambiamos a García Vigil, cerca a la iglesia del Carmen Alto, en el centro de la ciudad.
Dirección: Manuel García Vigil 512-E, Centro, Oaxaca de Juárez, Oax.